Once you have registered, it’s time to plan how you will reach your fundraising goal!
Hope for a cure is fueled by your fundraising efforts and we couldn’t be any more thankful to have you on our A-T CureTeam! Thank you for joining us and good luck fundraising!
Fundraising deadline is April 7, 2023.

Personalize your page with a story and photos.

Adding a personal touch to your fundraising page will really help make a difference when you are asking friends and family to donate. Give them a story and a cause to donate to!

Donate to your own page.

Friends and family are more apt to donate to your fundraising page if they see that you’ve done the same! Show them that you are just as much invested in your fundraising as you are asking them to be too!

Share your fundraising page with friends & family.

From your fundraising page, you can share a direct link to your social media accounts. Even try emailing or texting the link to your friends and family. Share with them what you are racing for and why their donations are so important! A direct ask is the best way to solicit donations.

Extend your network.

After you’ve reached out to people within your own network, consider reaching out further within your community. Post flyers on local bulletin boards, ask your inner circle to share your page with their friends and family, have a donation jar at a local coffee shop, the options are limitless!

Stick to it!

When we first register we are super excited to hit the ground running with our fundraising. Keep that momentum going and you will certainly reach your fundraising goal in no time! Maybe you will even go beyond your goal and give our A-T families even more hope for a cure!

Good luck fundraising, A-T CureTeam! We know that you will have an awesome time spreading awareness and raising funds to support our A-T children and young adults! For fundraising questions, please email us at fundraising@atcp.org.