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Q: What do I get by joining the A-T CureTeam?

A: First, you must register. Then, you receive:

  • Guaranteed race entry
  • A-TCP Race shirt, t-shirt & medal mailed to you
  • An A-T patient to honor
  • Personal fundraising web page
  • Fundraising tools & materials

Q: Do I have to pay the race entry fee up front?

A: Yes! Race entry fees vary between races and those fees go directly to the race organization, not the A-T Children's Project and are independent of the fundraising. 

Q: What if I have already registered and paid my registration fees directly on the official race website, can I still participate with the A-T CureTeam and get a fundraising web page?

A: YES. Click the REGISTRATION BUTTON, you will choose the option that says you have already registered and paid the fees directly through the race's site. You will not have to pay the race entry fee twice. The A-T CureTeam registration fee is just $10 and you will have all the same benefits and requirements as our A-T CureTeam runners.

Q: Do I have to pay the fundraising requirement up front?

A: NO. There is no fundraising requirement for this race weekend. We just have a suggested fundraising amount if you'd like to fundraise! 

Q: How do I raise money?

A: The quickest and easiest way is your fundraising web page. Personalize your page, email donors directly from your page, thank your donors, check the results of your emails, and keep track of your donations. Check out our fundraising resources for more information!

Q: Will matching gift donations count towards my minimum?

A: YES. Any gift received by the fundraising deadline will count towards minimums. If you have submitted a request for a match, please be sure to email us at fundraising@atcp.org to let us know!

Q: Will my donors get a tax receipt?

A: YES. We are a US 501c3 public charity and a registered charity in Canada. Each online donor will receive an automatic receipt via their email address, and we will provide tax receipts and thank-you letters for donors who send checks.

Q: What if I don't raise the suggested fundraising amount?

A: The A-T Children's Project will not charge your credit card the difference between what you raised and the suggested fundraising amount. 

Q: How do I get to the race city and where do I stay?

A: You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging. Once you raise $2000, you are eligible for the A-T Children's Project's Expense Reimbursement Program. Please email us at fundraising@atcp.org for more info about our expense program.

Q: Can I still join the A-T CureTeam if I'm not a runner?

A: YES. Come as a Screaming Fan for only a $10 registration fee! You have all the same benefits and requirements of the runners without havin