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Disney Pixar Cars 5K - Sold Out

$97 registration  |  $400 fundraising requirement | Fri., April 14

Disney Pixar Monsters 10K

$137 registration  |  $400 fundraising requirement | Sat., April 15

Disney Pixar Toy Story 10-Miler

$195 registration  |  $400 fundraising requirement | Sun., April 16

runDisney Springtime Surprise Challenge

 $450 registration  |  $800 fundraising requirement | Fi. - Sun., April 14 - 16

A-T CureTeam Screaming Fan 

 $10 registration  |  $400 fundraising requirement | No race, just fundraising and all the fun

Already registered directly with runDisney

 $10 registration  |  $400 fundraising requirement | Just fundraising and all the fun


Fundraising deadline is Friday, April 7, 2023

Fundraising commitments are per person/per race entry and/or per Challenge. Example: If one person registers for Disney Pixar Cars 5K and Disney Pixar Monsters 10K, the fundraising requirement would be $800 minimum. If someone registered for just the Disney Pixar Cars 5K, their fundraising goal would be $400. Fundraising requirement is required in addition to registration fees. 

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Always visit https://www.rundisney.com/events/disneyworld/springtime-surprise-weekend/ for up to the minute details and changes.